Oak launches RecordX

Oak launches RecordX

David Reynolds, Product Director
David Reynolds, Product Director

The launch this month of Oak Telecom’s RecordX marks a significant increase in functionality for the call recording element of their Comms Suite according to Product Director David Reynolds.

“Tight integration between the ‘X-Series’ of applications within the Comms Suite has always been a key feature. All applications are constituent parts of the Suite so that a common front end using the same database is presented to the user.

“The new version of the call recording application, RecordX, has a number of new features as well as upgrades to existing functionality.

“New features include Agent Evaluation. Here screen-based scripting allows individual agents to be evaluated against their peers or departments or against published targets. These features are normally associated with much larger, more expensive call recording systems but are now available to everyone including our core SME customer base.

“We have also developed a Software Developers Kit (SDK) which provides third party developers not only access to the call recording application (RecordX) but also the CTI element (ConnectX) and call management (ReportX).”


Towards the end of 2010 Oak Telecom will also be launching a new application for the Comms Suite, DialX, which is a progressive dialler.

The SDK will allow users to tag their call recordings with specific information relevant to their business. For example, client ID or case numbers. According to Reynolds this type of customisation can be undertaken at multiple levels of skill set.

“Another new feature is Audit Trace Reporting which allows users to follow a specific ‘trail’ of recordings to quickly establish the outcome of a train of events. This saves a lot of time searching through call recordings and is a big productivity enhancement for business.”

Reynolds says that Comms Suite is increasingly being used by larger organisations.

“We have made the user web interface a lot more responsive for customers with larger numbers of users so that there is now no loss of speed whether you have 5 or 5,000 users.

Likewise Oak has made platform enhancements that recognise the increasing shift towards larger clients where VoIP is deployed. Here we have increased the number of concurrent call recording channels from 150 to 480. In effect this means we now address the call recording market for customers with up to around 3,000 users.”

New call recording regulations such as PCI compliance for the financial sector are behind other new features where RecordX sees the introduction of an updated media player with the capabilities to mask certain parts of the recordings such as credit card security codes.

“For users that need to meet forthcoming FSA compliance we have also introduced a mobile phone call recording element to RecordX which sees calls deflected back to a service provider where the call recording is initiated. The service provider then returns the call to the mobile for the call to complete. Client software is installed on each mobile devise and of course all this is carried out seamlessly and in an instant.

“Access to the call recordings is via our standard user interface which means that both fixed line and mobile phone recordings are seamlessly integrated in the same single application for ease of search, retrieval, playback and reporting.”


Market Positioning

Oak Telecom’s core market is the SME and the introduction of RecordX maintains the appeal of their products to this sector with the continued ease of installation and deployment being at the very heart of their developments

“Ease of use has always been a driver for Oak Telecom applications,” says Reynolds, “Auto install and step by step processes are key to the success of our products with the reseller channel and now with RecordX our channel partners can confidently address larger mid-market applications with the same confidence as well as bring enterprise-class features to the SME.”

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