Ofcom Sells Mobile Spectrum

Ofcom have announced this week that they are planning to sell off the biggest chunk of radio spectrum so far, for use by broadband or mobile services, with BT front of the line.

The three chunks of spectrum, 2500-2690 MHz, 2010-2025 MHz and 2290-2300 MHz, go to make up the largest single sale of radio spectrum to date, and is being sold off in smaller 5 or 10mhz chunks by sealed auction.

BT are thought to be interested in the auction after a five-year hiatus from the mobile industry.

Ofcom plans to licence around 400MHz of spectrum over the next few years. The watchdog hopes it will help to increase the availability of new technologies like WiMAX, or wireless broadband, and mobile TV.

The organisation plans to advise the top bidders how to use the spectrum they buy, but will make sure that the technologies aren’t harmful and don’t cause interference.

"Releasing more spectrum to the market will create new opportunities for innovation in wireless technologies, promoting competition and driving convergence," said its chief executive Ed Richards.

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