Ongoing Commisions from Symphony

Symphony Telecom, one of the UK’s leading alternative providers of fixed and mobile telecommunications services and parent of mobile distributor Anglia Telecom, has introduced an innovative new commission structure for dealers.


As well as the normal up-front commission for new contracts, Symphony will also be offering ongoing commission payment for the life of the contract to their dealers. And the dealer also has the flexibility to pass on some or all of both commissions in order to secure or retain a customer – without having to check first with Symphony.

This kind of balancing act is not uncommon in fixed-line comms services, but to our knowledge this is the first time that it has been offered generally to mobile dealers. Spencer Davis, sales manager at Symphony, said: “The plan is open to any Symphony or Anglia dealer, landline or mobile, that has a business focus. We’re looking in particular for more corporate accounts from the small and medium enterprise sector.

Essentially the dealer receives two commissions – for line rental and call charges – and is able to offer the customer a partial discount that eats into one or both of them. We are offering a strong up-front commission with ongoing revenue on O2 and Vodafone business tariffs”, said Davis. “The dealer can elect to give a discount of up to 10% before they need to get Symphony’s approval.”


Symphony Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eckoh Technologies plc, Europe’s leading provider of hosted interactive voice applications and speech recognition services. It acquired Anglia Telecom a year ago, and while Symphony has had service provision licences from O2 and Vodafone for over five years its main focus has always been on fixed-line services. One advantage of the new offer to dealers, however, is the opportunity to do more business by selling landline and broadband along their mobile offerings.

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