Opting in for free content

The use of advertising to fund mobile services will significantly increase the consumption of mobile content and generate a new revenue stream for operators, according to live trial results released today by Amobee Media Systems.
Data from multiple trials suggests for every person who paid to download mobile content, up to 50 took the ‘ad-funded’ version – free access in return for accepting advertising. The advertising revenues can be worth as much as four times the equivalent download value.

  “There’s a limit to how much we can expect consumers to continuously increase their spend on new content services,” said Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst with Ovum’s Consumer Practice. “This has the potential to impact the growth of data ARPU, which is critical in markets where voice ARPU is declining.

In this context driving revenues from mobile advertising is important, but you will only succeed if ads are relevant and contextual – and permission-based.”

Amobee isn’t exactly disinterested, of course – it has a well-regarded opt-in ad server solution for mobile operators.

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