Ergonomically designed for usability on the go, the OQO is a full-on PC in a small package,  featuring an integrated backlit thumb keyboard, track stick, and capacitive TouchScrollers.
Encased in a magnesium alloy chassis, the OQO model 2 is a standalone, handheld computer with shock mounted hard drive and drop detect technology.

At the office, the OQO model 2 functions as a desktop PC when paired with the optional docking station. The docking station allows quick and easy connection to a full size display, keyboard, mouse, and wired Ethernet. Also available is an array of accessories that provides additional usage modes.

The OQO model 2 is designed to deliver the total computing performance necessary to achieve personal and professional productivity, anytime and anywhere.

The OQO model 2 – with its robust processing power, Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, application compatibility, memory and storage capacity, and unparalleled connectivity options – is everything you need to meet your total productivity requirements.

Sliding up the 5" WVGA LCD of the OQO model 2 reveals a 58-key thumb keyboard and track stick. The EL backlit keyboard includes numberpad and SmartLock™ keys to enhance usability and functionality. With 18 keyboard shortcuts configured on the OQO model 2, you can quickly launch commonly used applications such as the OQO Wireless Dashboard.

The OQO model 2 keyboard also features a track stick mouse pointer for precise cursor movement with your thumb and dedicated zoom keys for quickly changing screen magnification that allow full interactivity while zoomed, and support 1000×600 and 1200×720 interpolated modes. For effortless scrolling within a window or application, capacitive TouchScrollers™ are conveniently embedded in the lower right corner of the screen frame.

For optimized cooling within the compact and dense form factor of the OQO model 2, OQO has designed an advanced thermal management system that provides >2X improvement in cooling effectiveness over its predecessor, the model 01+. The OQO model 2 thermal management system includes a heatpipe, a cooling fan, and multiple air vents. The heatpipe extracts and transfers heat from the CPU to the air vents where the cooling fan blows air out of the chassis. The speed of the cooling fan dynamically adjusts based on internal computer temperature and can also be overriden by the user through the OQO manager software.

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