Orange community affairs manager suspended

Inigo Wilson, a community affairs employee at Orange, has been suspended pending investigation, after writing an article for including offensive definitions of ‘Islamophobic’, Palestinians’ and ‘Legitimate grievances’.

In the article he describes several modern-day “definitions” including:

Islamophobic as: “Anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work.”

Palestinians as: “Archetype ‘victims’ no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets. Never responsible for anything they do – or done in their name – because of ‘root causes’ or ‘legitimate grievances’.”

Legitimate grievances – foreign affairs: why we’re all to blame for deranged Islamists murdering people in the developed world.

A representative from Orange said: “We have received a number of complaints regarding the content of an article written by an Orange employee and published on an independent website which has offended some of our customers.”
“We take the opinions of our customers very seriously and believe that this matter warrants further investigation. We have therefore suspended an employee while this investigation takes place.”

By suspending Inigo Wilson it seems that Orange have offended far more customers than Inigo did by writing his original piece – excerpt from forum –

Has a firm the right to sack people who upset its customers? Yes – BUT would Orange have suspended Inigo if he had wrote an article offending BNP members who had then besieged Orange switchboard threatening to close their accounts? Of course not. Apparently Islamic fascists are different…

By acting against Inigo, Orange is making a value judgement. So should we. We need a petition – of Orange customers only – stating that unless Inigo is reinstated we will take our business elsewhere.

All of us, customers or not, can produce and distribute material on and off line saying “Orange curbs free speech – boycott Orange” and “Fight fascism – boycott Orange”.

Hmm… or was Inigo put on garden leave for his interesting opinions on the health effects of the mobile industry… as reflected in this except from the Bracknell News
“There is no evidence of the adverse health effects of mobile phone masts. If anything the most dangerous health effects come from using handsets rather than from living near masts.”

Do you think Inigo should lose his job or receive a trophy for unintentional comedy gold (on the basis that his job is to benefit the Orange brand)?

Registered users can comment below –

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