Orange Moves Staff

Orange are due to restructure their call centre which will affect nearly 1000 staff.

900 staff from the Peterlee, Co. Durham, call centre are being offered roles in two other sites in the North East, with a 100 more from Solihull, West Mids, offered roles elsewhere.

As Orange have only just started the three month consultation process, there’s no clues as to how many of them will relocate. A spokesman admitted that relocation or a lengthy commute may not suit everyone affected. He added "We don’t want to lose anybody, we just want to get rid of the building. We’re not utilising it. We’re probably using about 50 per cent of it so we’re going to go from three to two buildings."

Orange’s lease ends in a few years, and expects their staff to be out by spring 2007, they will then sublet the site after that.

Orange have also announced that they’re looking to hire 300 staff for it’s call centre in India. They hope to complete the recruitment by the end of the year.

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