Orange Release VOIP

Orange has launched a VOIP/Mobile dual-mode service for it’s Orange Broadband customers. Later this year subscribers to Orange Broadband will be able to make free calls at home, and normal network calls whilst out, all with one handset.
Dubbed the Unique Phone, the Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) service boasts unlimited free VOIP calls from home to other Orange mobiles and landlines. As a customer moves out of the range of their WiFi network at home the phone will automatically switch to a normal network phone, subject to regular network rates. On screen icons will show what status the phone is in, and which network connection it is using.

Calls which originate on the VOIP network will remain free, even if the user wanders out of range of their home wireless connection making the phone switch to the Orange mobile network.

There will be limitations on the service, although the Orange Livebox allows up to six individual phones, only three users at a time are able to use the internet or make calls.

There are only three phones currently available that are compatible with the service, the Samsung P200, Motorola A910, and the Nokia 6136, with more phones to be launched sometime next year.

Two animals will cover the rates on calls, the Canary 50, priced at £50, which offers 600 minutes per month, and the Panther 65, £65 per month, offering 1200 minutes. Both deals will include a free broadband connection.

The benefits to a service like this are obvious, with customers only needing one phone and one number, with only one bill. However, with the take-up for BT’s Fusion service being unimpressive it remains to be seen if Orange have launched a jaffa.

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