Orange ‘Unique’ VoIP

Orange says it is the first operator to offer customers “genuine convergence” in the form of Unique phone.
This is a single handset with one number, one address book and one bill from Orange that functions as a cellphone when away from home and provides unlimited calls to landlines and Orange mobiles (in WiFi mode via the Orange Livebox) when you are back at base.
It seems to tick all the boxes: customers can move freely between the mobile and home networks without interrupting their conversation, so a call made at home automatically switches over to the Orange mobile network when you leave the house. And a call initiated at home remains covered by the unlimited offer even when the user leaves home while talking.
Initially there will be three handsets – Motorola A910, Nokia 6136 and Samsung P200 – with more promised next year. The first units will be available this month.
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