Palm Announce Blackberry Rival

Vodafone have recently been making some noises about Windows and Palm working together to create a rival to the Blackberry, with a view to "target the adoption of wireless push email in Europe".

A page on their website allowing pre-registration says:

Palm Treo smartphone will be an industry first using Vodafone’s high-speed network and delivering Palm’s ease of use on top of the Microsoft Window’s Mobile operating system – all backed up by Vodafone’s dedicated service for business. Wireless push email. The package includes the option of real-time, wireless push email using Microsoft’s Messaging and Security Feature Pack available on Windows Mobile 5.0, with Direct Push Technology and enhanced security features."

A Palm spokeswoman announced the formal launch of the Treo 750v will be September 12th. Earlier in the month Vodafone said it would be the first network to offer the Palm 3G handset running Windows 5.0. It boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and an SD memory expansion slot, although it’s not known whether it will be WiFi or HSDPA.

It looks as if it’ll be a European clone of the Treo 700w which launched in the States back in January, but will be lacking an aerial. 


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