Palm is releasing a new Treo smart phone.

Through Vodafone, in hopes of resolving technical problems with a previous model, Palm said it will market a version of its Treo smart phone in Europe.

The latest Treo version is aimed at meeting growing demand for devices that receive email wirelessly. It will operate on Vodafone’s 3G network and be powered by Windows Mobile OS.
Before the end of the calendar year, Palm say the handset will be available to Vodafone customers in multiple European countries, including the U.K, Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands,

Last month Palm predicted weaker-than-expected results for the current quarter after it stopped selling its Treo 650 model in Europe because it was not compatible with a new phone technology standard used there. Palm also said it is working with haste to introduce a model in Europe to replace the Treo 650.

With the “Q” from Motorola selling earlier this month, and the “E61” launched by Nokia in april, competition in the smart phone market is set to blaze like Richard Prior in a crack house.

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