Parking by Mobile

Westminster City Council have vowed to remove all parking meters within 12 months and replace them with payment by mobile phone, following a successful trial in the borough.

Drivers using new bays which had meters removed have been paying for parking over their mobile phones during a six month pilot scheme across the West End, ending the old days of searching for piles of change in car doors and pockets.

Preliminary feedback in December showed that 85% motorists said that they had chosen to use the new Pay By Phone system as a way to avoid getting parking fines.

The council also hopes by extending pay by phone will see an end to the thefts from parking meters which has recently cost as much as £20,000 a week.

Speaking on the launch of the consultation, Councillor Danny Chalkley, Cabinet Member for Economic Development said: “We started the Pay by Phone Parking trial back in October to give coin free convenience to motorists and enable them to top up remotely their parking in order to help avoid unnecessary fines.

“We believe that this has been overwhelmingly successful based on the feedback we have received during the scheme and the high level of take up which has smashed our original expectations."

"The feedback from our customers is that the two principle reasons for preferring parking by phone is the coin-free convenience (60%) and top-up parking without having to return to vehicle (30%). What we have also found is that for businesses, it means great accountability and control as they are able to easily print out receipts for parking."

Some examples of individual customer feedback are:

  • I think it’s a great idea; I needed to park for the full 4 hours and I don’t know many people that would have £16 in change in their pockets!’
  • ‘The value of not having to find coins, and being able to top-up is fantastic. Highly recommend this process.’
  • ‘It is refreshing to find an authority that listens and finds ways of keeping us honest rather than treating us like wingers and petty thieves.’
  • ‘I like the fact that there is no visible notice on the car advertising the amount of time it is likely to be left unattended, and see this is an additional security advantage not so far mentioned.’

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