Petition for HMRC to repay VAT

Following recent business closures Monty Jivraj of Ashton Law  has set up a petition urging HRMC to repay withheld input tax as Extended Verification is a significant burden on UK companies.
HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Extended Verification strategy is an ‘inefficient and unsustainable’ use of resources and has imposed a ‘significant burden’ on UK businesses. We ask urgently the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to take urgent action and repay businesses in UK who are suffering in the hands of HM Revenue and Customs. Even when The VAT Tribunal has ruled in favour of the appellants, HM Revenue and Customs continue to ignore the fact that its strategy is having an adverse effect on the whole telecoms industry and that a huge number of innocent businesses have been brought to their knees financially as a result because they cannot simply fight an organisation as large and powerful as HM Revenue and Customs and the firms are hugely affected to the extent it will be extremely difficult to start rebuilding their shattered and destroyed business once more.

We ask you to please instruct all your employees, colleagues and the directors of the company sign the petition individually.

Please fill the petition with your correct name and the company name you represent. For example – John Smith – A Telecom Ltd. (In previous petitions it has not been possible to use the data as only names were added – not the companies they represent.)

Monty currently has 80 signatures but needs at least 200 for this to have an effect.

You can show your support here –

For further information you can contact Monty:

Monty Jivraj
Ashton Law  LLP, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AL
Tel:  0845 450 0550

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