Phone Mast Tank Rampage

A man has been arrested in Sydney following a 90 minute rampage ramming and destroying mobile phone masts in an armoured personnel carrier.
John Robert Patterson smashed through six electrical substations during his one man vendetta against the mobile masts which he claimed had been damaging his health.

The adventure started when police noticed him driving into the first sub-station at two o’clock in the morning. Officers called for backup and 20 police cars chased Patterson averaging speeds of up to a hair-raising 19mph as the APC crashed through masts, fences, and telecom relay sheds.

Patterson was eventually brought to a halt, having rammed one police car, after he stalled the APC trying to knock down his seventh mast. He was pepper sprayed once out of the tank.

Patterson was charged with malicious damage, breaking and entering, using a weapon to avoid arrest, predatory driving, possessing a prohibited drug and driving dangerously.

The magistrate refused him bail and recommended he receive psychiatric attention.

Telecoms firm Telstra, who Patterson used to work for, said there would be "coverage problems" and it might have to install temporary phone towers once it was given access by police.

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