Practice Safe Text

Using a mobile phone has now become a dangerous business. You’d be forgiven for thinking we mean potential muggings or radiation, but no. Some bright spark has invented what appears to be a condom for your phone.
Actually, this is more about protecting your phone than protecting things from your phone. These condoms stop your precious handset getting grubby and is even water proof.
The official blurb:

With Skins, you can now protect your mobile – and all the numbers it contains – against damage from water, dirt, mud, paint, moisture and much, much more!

Try getting through the day without your mobile phone!

Your trusty companion is in constant danger. The threat of damage from dirt or moisture is one of the most serious threats to your mobile, but not only to your phone, to your social and business life as well!

With Skins, nothing will stop you from calling! Anytime and anyplace.

The ultimate in protection for your mobile phone!

Here at Mobile Business towers we’re not so sure that these will catch on. For one we reckon they’d get caught in pockets and make it awkward to pull in and out, and two (possibly more importantly) you’d look like you’d simply stuck a condom on your phone.

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