Print Anywhere with Voda

Premiere Global Services’ PremiereAnywhere has been awarded Vodafone Certified application status, making printing when away from the office an easy task for people on the road.

PremiereAnywhere is an easy-to-download and easy-to-use solution that transforms a PDA or smartphone into a portable office by solving one of the biggest challenges mobile professionals face: the ability to print emails and attachments when away from the office. The application allows users to print emails and more than 130 types of attachments to any fax machine in the world.  

PremiereAnywhere underwent the usual stringent technical evaluation by the taskmasters at Voda, and passed with flying colours allowing it to carry the “Vodafone Certified Application” brand logo.

John Stone, Managing Director, Premiere Global Services EMEA said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the Vodafone certification.  It not only gives our PremiereAnywhere solution enormous credibility but also enables us to reach out to an established base of mobile workers who will greatly benefit from the service.”

John Lillistone, head of data services, Vodafone UK said:  “For many of our customers, mobile data applications, such as job scheduling or workforce management are a business imperative.  Having experienced the business benefits that such applications deliver, these customers are now considering additional solutions to address day-to-day business requirements.”

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