Quick push email for all

ThinPrint, hitherto best known for its Content Beamer print-from-smartphone tools, has come up with an interesting service that provides direct push email on Cortado, one of the world’s first direct push mail services based on Microsoft Exchange.

Cortado gives users with Windows Mobile devices push mail for a simple monthly subscription on e4.98.

The service, called Cortado, gives the user a Microsoft Exchange email account and passes incoming mail directly to the handset. The user does need the Messaging and Security Feature Pack on their mobile, but that’s usually preinstalled or is available for download from the carrier.
ThinPrint says it will be adding other services to Cortado service to enable attachments to be read, faxed, or printed via Bluetooth or infrared without first being downloaded.
The service can be booked at www.cortado.com. It can be cancelled on a month’s notice; currently there’s a two-months-free offer.
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