Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – The O2 Jet

Know anyone who can talk for England? The O2 Jet might be the phone for them. This robust phone boasts 9.9 hours of talktime, up to 67% more than comparable handsets. That’s a lot of rabbit.

O2 claim that their new Jet has 594 minutes of talktime, and over 540 hours of standby which equates to 22 and a half days. That’s double the talktime of the Motorola SLVR and the Nokia 6230i (O2’s most popular handset), and triple that of Nokia’s 6030.

The O2 Jet is aimed solely at the business user who enjoys to talk. Apart from the battery life this quadband     handset doesn’t have many other notable specs other than Speakerphone, Bluetooth, and POP3 and IMAP4 email access. There’s no camera, mp3 player, nor is it full of ringtones and games.

O2 are confident that the Jet will stand the test of time offering a two year warranty. They’ve also released a special protective case to make it extra robust.

The handset also comes bundled with over £50 of accessories including a charging desk stand and an in-car charger.

As well as being released on contract, the O2 Jet is available on Pay and Go at £59.99 from October 19th.

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