Radio DJ arrives

Vodafone Radio DJ has been formally launched, and it looks like a good service to demonstrate when selling Vodafone 3G.

Users can listen to a personalized and advert-free service via Vodafone live! with 3G. The clever option is My Channels, where Radio DJ will create a playlist full of songs that fit a customer’s stated preference for mood, musical genre and decade.

Users can then rate those songs, enabling Radio DJ to build a picture of their taste so that they eventually get a personalised station which plays only the type of music the customer likes.

Otherwise there’s Featured channels—instant access to a constant stream of music of a particular style – and Compilations, ten tracks apiece in a constantly changing selection of playlists.

The £7.50p subscription gives access to over 50,000 tracks. Vodafone Radio DJ is currently available on the Nokia 6680, 6630, N91, N70 and N73 handsets and the newly launched  Vodafone-exclusive Sony Ericsson V630i.

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