Recording Solutions Allow Businesses to Embrace UC

The popularity of Unified Communications (UC) has increased dramatically in recent years, boosted by ever increasing Internet speeds and a growth in hosted technology. More businesses are now choosing to implement cloud-based UC platforms, such as Skype for Business (formerly Lync) in a bid to improve workforce collaboration. Here, Simon Monahan, Product Marketing Manager, Red Box Recorders, explains the role call recording plays in the UC market.

Increasingly businesses are seeing huge efficiency gains as a result of implementing UC platforms. Many of these solutions allow employees to stay continuously connected across landlines, smartphones, tablets or computers, regardless of location, which is also helping businesses to improve communications with customers.

Switching from a traditional phone system to an IP-based UC solution can be daunting for businesses that have a requirement to record calls. Many remain nervous about moving away from traditional phone systems to adopt UC technology because of perceived compliance risks.

Compliance and other business considerations

For banks and other organisations within the financial sector, the regulatory environment is increasingly complex, with firms having to devote more resource to governance, risk and compliance issues than ever before. To improve operational transparency and to mitigate risk, there is a regulatory requirement for financial institutions to keep a secure and accurate record of telephone conversations and other communications. These regulations are being driven by key bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. The costs of non-compliance can be severe, ranging from large fines and reputational damage to the loss of ability to trade. In 2014 alone the FCA levied £1.5bn in fines.

Meanwhile, in consumer markets where customer loyalty can easily be lost through poor service, the performance of contact centres is vital. As a result, organisations adopting UC must be able to rely on recording solutions to provide business insight and quality monitoring, as well as helping with employee training.

Government departments and other public sector organisations are constantly under pressure to deliver outstanding services to the thousands of citizens who contact them for information and advice. With budgets being constantly squeezed they can ill afford to adopt a new communications platform without a guarantee that their recording solution will effectively monitor whether or not performance levels are being achieved.

Embracing new technology

The sheer number of regulatory challenges across different sectors, combined with a growing customer focus on both improved customer service and reduced operational costs, continues to drive Red Box’s company strategy.

We continue to work closely with our technology partners to develop recording and analytics solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

One example, is our recording solution for Skype for Business. As a member of Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) qualification programme we have designed a recording solution that enables organisations using Skype for Business (or Lync) to capture calls and data for compliance, fact verification, quality monitoring, and other requirements. As a result, we now have a growing customer base using our Quantify recording technology to comprehensively capture Skype for Business communications, thereby ensuring their compliance.

Recording Unified Communications is a core part of our ongoing product development and we will continue to invest significantly in order to deliver the most advanced compliance-focussed solutions in this area. For the past 25 years we have been offering flexible, secure and resilient products that our customers rely upon, and we will ensure our customers continue to have the most comprehensive, robust and secure recording solutions for this exciting new wave of communications technology.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine