Rock on


Rock on

HTC has launched the HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio integration, available in the UK from November. This latest funky handset focused on audio is the result of the new partnership between HTC and Beats announced in August, to make mobile entertainment sound great with a specifically optimised audio experience.

The HTC Sensation XL, with a 4.7 inch screen, is the follow on from the XE, released in September. The XE was the first in the new line of HTC smartphones to feature Beats Audio technology to deliver studio quality audio. Like the HTC Sensation XE, the XL boosts performance and battery life with the addition of a blazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual core processor and an extended battery.

The HTC Sensation XL, running on Android and with total internal phone storage of 16GB, features unique audio tuning by Beats that ensures customers will hear their music as the artist intended. Unique to HTC phones, the HTC Sensation XL includes new lightweight urBeats headphones, created exclusively to integrate with the Beats’ audio profile on the device.

Customers can also send music recommendations and track information to friends over SMS, email or through their Facebook profile. To allocate the perfect audio alert to an incoming call or message from friends and family, users can play with the ringtone trimmer to edit a music track and add it to a friend’s contact profile.

HTC Sensation XL integrates HTC Watch, an application and service that puts an entire library of the latest premium movies and TV shows right at the user’s fingertips; HTC Watch uses progressive download technology that makes it possible to view videos without waiting for a huge file to finish downloading.

The XL also boasts an 8MP camera, featuring a f/2.2, 28mm wide angle lens with BSI sensor to fit more of the scene into every shot and for better low light performance. Sounds good to us.

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