Room for One More?

Is there space for another handset maker? Neo, a new manufacturer backed by Gulf money, says it wants to add “some long awaited flavour” to the mobile phone industry. 
It’s looking for a March/April launch for a range of phones “that are fashionable to own and technologically advanced to use”.

The first will be the 808i, claiming to be one of the smallest and lightest phones on the market – though “less than 90g” and 65x40x13mm doesn’t sound too radical. The style is, with a display beside the keyboard rather than above it.

The spec is mainstream – 1.3mp camera, Bluetooth, MP3/MP4 player, WAP, 128MB user memory plus a 128MB microSD card.

The next two Neos will be the Curve in Q3 2007 (candybar, same features as 808i plus WiFi) and in Q4 the Flip – a funky slimline clamshell with WiFi and a touch-sensitive screen.

Pallav Patel, president of Neo Products, reckons the style thing will be his USP. “Neo phones have a look that will set them apart from all other phones. We believe that phones need to be more than just a necessity; they have to be an extension of our personalities and be a useful fashion accessory instead …”

Neo Curve: candybar with a difference (and WiFi)

Neo Flip: touch-sensitive screen 

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