Samsung and Bang & Olufsen

Samsung and Bang & Olufsen are reportedly following up their interesting Serene with a new mobile handset, the Serenata aimed at the high-end luxury market.
The Bang & Olufsen Serenata, also known as the Samsung SGH-F310 has left the controversial clam-shell form factor behind in favour of a slider.

There’s no official specifications as yet, but it looks to be a GSM handset with UMTS, EDGE, and HSDPA connectivity. It also boasts a 240×240 262K color touchscreen, mpeg4 player, and an mp3 player wth 4gb of memory to store all those tracks and videos. All of this packaged in a funky  109.5(h) x 63(w) x 19.7(d)mm design.

Back in 2005 the Serene wasn’t that well received, but off the back of other successful funky handsets such as the X830 and the F300 it would seem the market is more open to off the wall designs.

Serene                                                                    Serenata 
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