Samsung Says it with Flowers

Keen to jump on the girly phone bandwagon started by Nokia’s L’amour series, Samsung have themselves released a set of handsets aimed at the fairer sex, Le Fleur (why always French?).

First up is the E570, similar in design to the clamshell E530, except this comes in a silky pink and silver combination. The handset also has a flower tattooed on the back. Other than that the phone is bog-standard. 1.3 mega pixel camera, 262k colour 1.8" display with 176×220 resolution, microSD slot, along with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It does, however, feature a few girly applications such as a calorie counter for working out which lettuce leaf will be least fattening, and a pedometer for calculating how many steps she’s taken (note to Samsung: invent a Nag’ometer next time).

The next handset in the range is the E420. A true budget phone with none of the features that excite guys, and only worry the girls. No bluetooth, infra-red, or USB. The handset does have a VGA camera, an internal 2 inch OLED display at 65k colors, 128×160 pixels. The external secondary screen measures in at 1 inch (but size doesn’t matter), with 65k colors  and a res of 96×96 pixels. To compensate for lack of features, there are pretty shapes that light up on the outside when the phone rings.

Last in the series is the existing E500, which looks like it has broken off a Louis Vitton case with it’s gold and leather case. This will also be available in white. Interesting technical info for the guys: this is a tri-band that offers GSM, GPRS and EDGE support, a 1.7 inch 262k colors TFT main display with a 176×220 pixels resolution, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, a secondary 65k colors OLED screen with a 80×64 resolution, 80 MB of internal memory, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Interesting technical info for the girls: the phone only weighs 85g.

Next on Samsung’s agenda are phones specifically for guys. The guy handsets will resemble bricks covered in hair, and the ringtone will be a grunt.*

*May not be true.

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