The i300 is a surprisingly chunky piece of work – from the front it looks like a pretty standard candybar, but it carries a bulbous underside and it weighs 121g. What you’re getting for the weight is a massive 3Gb hard drive, 3G capability, and enough memory to run Windows Mobile (though not the latest version, 5.0).
Quite apart from the usual Windows functions, the i300 is loaded with extras – there’s a radio, MicroSD card slot, and a cradle for USB charging and PC connectivity. An ordinary cable would do the same job, but somehow the cradle feels more professional and it does hold the phone at an angle that allows you to see its screen while it’s docked to your PC. The screen is excellent, crisp and rich. There’s a camera too – 1.3mp, digital zoom, special effects, settings for different lighting conditions, various multi-shot burst modes.
Samsung positions this as a music phone, of course, and while the disk scores big-time, the audio quality is only average. The supplied headphones are better than average, though.

• Nice try, but no banana – too many quibbles.


Length 113mm
Width 48mm
Depth 20mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours
176×220 pixels
External VGA display
2mp, 1600×1200
pixels, autofocus,
video, flash
Bluetooth, USB
Standby 100h
Talk time 2h
Music player,
Windows Mobile,
3Gb hard drive



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