Samsung to Team with Armani

Following the success of LG’s partnership with Prada, Samsung are looking at the possibility of bringing another designer phone to the market under the Georgio Armani brand.
The Samsung/Armani phone will come with exclusive content and a unique user interface.

"We are currently reviewing the possibility with various firms including Armani,’ Lee Soo Jeong, a spokeswoman for Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung, said. "We will make an official announcement once it is finalised.’

"The company is going to make a new category called ‘IT luxury products’ jointly with Armani. The Armani phone will be launched in Europe in October and we plan to expand the brand to other businesses as well," a spokesperson said.

This could include the rumoured plans to launch a range of televisions in conjunction with Armani.

Samsung has previously designed phones under other brands including the good looking but impractible Serene by Bang & Olufsen pictured below.

If all goes well, can we expect to see handsets from Nokia/Gucci, or Sony Ericsson/Louis Vitton, in the near future?

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