Samsung Tocco Lite 2

Samsung Tocco Lite 2


Samsung Tocco Lite 2

Samsung has announced the release of the next generation Tocco, the Tocco Lite 2, arriving here in the UK this March. Chasing the low end smartphone market, this is the successor to the 30-million selling Samsung Tocco Lite phone, and is expected by Samsung to be popular amongst the socially networked youf.

The Tocco Lite 2, still running only on EDGE – wot no 3G? – features enhanced social networking services and robust multimedia capabilities within a smooth design, making it an interesting choice for anyone that likes to be connected at all times and needs a device to play, store and share the latest multimedia content, such as photos, videos and games (as long as their EDGE connectivity is strong…).

Complete with Samsung’s communication service ChatON, owners of the device can catch up with friends and family anytime and anywhere, whether through personalised multimedia messages, group chat, Facebook, Twitter or using instant messaging services such as MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk (if they can get connected).

With 20MB of user memory, and microSD storage of up to 16GB, with a 3.2 megapixel fixed focus camera – and again, no 3G! – this is definitely one for the kids. If they like to take things slow.


Ed Says:

Come on Samsung – no 3G?! You can’t have a smartphone, no matter how cheap it is to buy (and we hope this one is,) without 3G. Especially with the likes of Chinese manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei, and Nokia with it’s Microsoft tie-up, coming to market with products jammed with features, aimed at the low end of the market, all with 3G connectivity. Your school report says: Try harder.

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