Samsung’s New Phone is a Camera

Or is Samsung’s new camera a phone? Doesn’t matter as we’d still be talking about the same handset. The new SCH-B600 has a 10 megapixel camera, the highest resolution on a mobile phone.

Challenging Sony’s Cybershot Series, the Samsung SCH-B600 also boasts a 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom, auto focus and flash.  

The TFT-LCD screen can also display up to 16 million colours which is great for taking pictures, but also for watching mobile TV with the integrated satellite DMB.

The handset can also record video in QVGA resolution at 15-30 frames per second and a TV-out function lets you watch still or motion pictures on a bigger screen.

Other advanced functions in the B600 include an MP3 player, business card reader, and 128 polyphonic sounds.
Unfortunately this snap-happy Samsung is only currently available in Korea, something which must sadden the budding David Baileys in us all.

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