Satisfactory entertainment

Just 26% of mobile users in the UK and US are currently satisfied with the . mobile entertainment services they’re offered, according to research from the Mobile Entertainment Forum and LCC released as part of MEF’s Quality of Experience initiative. The key issue is ensuring that mobile entertainment works as it is advertised to do. “Reliability is still low and this is highly reflected in overall low adoption rates,” said MEF.

While cost is a still a key factor, value is even more significant, particularly to UK users – who are willing to pay a premium but expect a high quality of service in return. Transparency of pricing is also important; users want to know if data charges are to the content download, for instance.

The highest current satisfaction rates are for Mobile TV in the American market (37%) and music downloads in the UK (32%). In general, subscription based services such as mobile chat, mobile TV and information services are popular with Americans. Over here, downloaded entertainment including wallpapers and ringtones are preferred.

Yet another study has found no medical problems with mobile phone emissions. This time it’s a Norwegian study on headaches, which concludes that people who experience such symptoms do so because they expect that they will occur. There were only 17 subjects, though.

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