Satnav Apps

There is nothing more frustrating than getting out on the road and forgetting your SatNav. These days the SatNav applications that can be downloaded straight to a smartphone are getting seriously good. Here, we take a look at some of the better SatNav applications available.


Born in the US Waze has is now making a splash in the UK SatNav scene. It is very easy to use and relies heavily on its vast database of users. The app gathers information from other ‘Wazers’ giving the user real time information on traffic jams, with rerouting options, temporary and fixed speed cameras. The best bit about the app is it is free, although you need a data connection to download your required map and traffic information. It’s also available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Google Maps

Although Google hasn’t dedicated this app for use in the car it still does a fine job. Google currently has the most accurate mapping system which is consistently update by its fleet of Google vans roaming around the place. It’s extremely basic but will probably suffice for most users, it even has traffic information which it takes straight from Waze. The only downside is the app is a considerable drain on battery life so you will need an in car charger to keep yourself topped up.

TomTom (iOS and Android)

Once the king of the SatNav TomTom has taken to the smartphone app world rather well. This app has one of the better UI’s but you a paying considerably more for the privilege. At £26 per year it isn’t cheap when compared with other options in the market, also you will have to pay £18 for traffic updates and another £16 per year for camera information. The Android version is slightly cheaper at £14.99 for one year, plus they throw in the traffic and camera info for free!

CoPilot Live

Although it may not be quite as good as TomTom’s app CoPilot is a great alternative for those who want something good for less. £20 gives you the camera and traffic information and it also allows you to search addresses via geotagged photos and Google. Available on iOS, Windows and Android.

Telenav Scout

If you are just using this app in one country it is free to use, for extra countries you can pay a few quid. To get all the traffic information you can pay £7.49 and get a lifetime of updates. It is an adequate SatNav which generally does what it says on the tin, it also comes with integration for Foursquare and TripAdvisor which makes it great for tourists.

Here Drive

Here Drive allows users to download entire country maps to use later when you are offline. It comes with real time traffic updates and offers clear and concise directions for users to follow (pretty much like every other app here). Currently Here Drive is only available on Windows and Android but if you have Windows 8.1 OS then it is free to use!

Fill That Hole

No seriously, that is what it’s called! Strictly for those that enjoy wearing Lycra in the mornings Fill That Hole is designed for the cycling enthusiast among us. This plain looking but highly functional app allows users to log the location of potholes so they don’t end up eating hedge on their morning commute! The app takes that information and not only warns others using the same route but passes the information onto the relevant local authority for their attention.


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine