Satnav for Orange Phones

Orange Business Services has launched a GPS navigation application to be downloaded on to a range of mobile devices.
Powered by Webraska, a leading provider of GPS navigation solutions, Sat-Nav from Orange can be used when walking, cycling or driving.
Maps and live traffic updates are held on a central server and are downloadable from the internet via WiFi, 3G, GPRS or the Orange EDGE network. “This saves precious memory space and ensures that maps and points of interest are always up to date,” says Orange.

This isn’t the first off-board satnav offer, of course, but perhaps surprisingly it’s the first from a network. It’s a big market – according to the specialist market analyst Canalys, “The mobile GPS navigation market is doubling year on year in EMEA. By the end of the year 14m satnav units will have been sold in the UK of which around 1m will be on smartphone devices”.

“Using Sat-Nav on your mobile means businesses can save time and money. It is easy to use and enables businesses to streamline the number of devices they have to purchase and manage” said Gareth Williams, Group Manager Solution Products, Orange Business Services.

“The location-based service market is currently around £55m and estimated to double by 2009 … Orange is well placed to capitalise on this opportunity through our brand, channel reach, customer service and understanding of how applications work in a mobile environment.”

Sat Nav from Orange is priced at £150. This includes the software license, a GPS receiver with in-car charger and a car windshield or fan grid for the mobile device.

The download of journey routes will be charged at standard pay-as-you-use data rates, with real time traffic information at an additional annual charge of £27.59.

Maps for all of Europe are also available for £27.59 a year (all these prices exclude VAT).

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