Remember the screaming phone, which shouts out if the handset has been stolen? 
It’s a facility of Synchronica’s Mobile Manager, and Synchronica has just signed a UK reseller agreement with Business Integrated Solutions Limited (BIS) to offer it to small and medium enterprises and end users under the name Remote XT.
Remote XT is described as the UK’s first mobile data management solution that completely locks and wipes lost and stolen phones the moment the SIM card is removed.
There are similar solutions available, but they only wipe memory. Says Remote XT: “For the first time, mobile phone and PDA users have a total safeguard for their data, including automatic information back-up to a secure remote server, guaranteed virus protection and total lock, wipe and restore functionality.”
And of course the phones also let out an ear-piercing screech, which can only be stopped if the battery is removed.
The launch of Remote XT also supports directives from both the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Crime unit to fight rising mobile phone crime. “The NMPCU is supportive of measures that make mobile phones less desirable items to steal and worthless in the hands of those who seek to profit from mobile phone criminality. Any opportunity to disable a mobile phone and render it useless should it be stolen, is welcomed,” said Detective Superintendent Steve Bending.
“Remote XT is currently exploring opportunities to provide intelligence based upon their product to the NMPCU, to further assist in combating mobile phone crime
Remote XT backs up the entire contents of a mobile phone either on a time basis – daily, weekly, monthly – or can be set to save data by the number of transactions carried out. WiFi users can back-up their data using their wireless connection, saving on GPRS airtime charges. The service will cost subscribers £9.99 per month.
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