Security Apps

As our lives become increasingly digital the threat landscape seems to be bigger than ever. Here are some apps which you could consider to help keep your personal, and business, data safe across your mobile devices.

Find My iPhone
As an Apple made piece of software you may have heard of Find My iPhone. If your device is lost or stolen the app allows you to locate it on a map, lock the device remotely or even remote wipe the device clean. It’s all really simple to operate through your iCloud account over the web. The best bit… the app is free!

Prey Anti Theft
If you really want to stick it to those pesky robbers then this one could be for you. It’s a step up from the free Find My iPhone app from Apple. It can take photos with the front and rear cameras which potentially could capture the face of the thief as they use your device. The app tracks your iPhone via GPS and Wi-Fi which means it can gather information about the network the device is connected to. Combined with photo evidence this information would be more than enough to identify a thief! Unfortunately whilst many features are free you will need to pay £20.99 a year to take advantage of the more advanced feature set.

Note Lock
If you are one for writing important things down as you hear them this could be the app for you. Not only is it a handy note taker app it also allows users to place security measures on access to important notes. It can be used as an important business tool or simply a diary, it can also store photos. Users can also initiate a self-destruct command if their phone ends up in the wrong hands.

360 Mobile Security
360 Security is possibly the most used mobile security app out there right now with 300 million users. It offers real-time protection against all kinds of viruses, Trojans, and malware. The app also comes with a ‘Boost’ feature which automatically manages your phone’s memory to make sure it is running as smoothly as possible. Plus, there is also a function to allow you to clean up any unwanted apps and software from your mobile phone.

Kapersky Browser
Kapersky’s Safe Browser has had a rocky time of late as it was discovered it wasn’t validating security certificates it was meant to be and thus opening up user’s devices to attack. However, the security flaw has been fixed and now is back up and running. The app is designed to filter out malicious links and inappropriate content – and help you to avoid phishing websites that may try to steal your confidential information and your identity.

Duo Mobile
Workng across multiple devices the Duo Security app secures access to work, personal, cloud and on-premise apps. Users are able to authenticate requests with one button and can even report fraud easily to administrators. It basically adds an extra layer of security to your app landscape by generating passcodes for all your important apps which contain sensitive information.

iGuard tackles security from a slightly different angle, ie. Stopping the thief taking the phone in the first place. It does this by using the motion sensors in the phone to detect movement. You can activate the app if you are out at lunch and your phone is sitting idle on a table or in a bag. If the phone is then suddenly swiped iGuard sends out an ear piercing siren and begins to flash. These functions can only be turned off by the user entering a four digit pin number. It’s pretty cheap at £0.69 too!

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine