Shield of Steel

Shield of Steel

Sheild of steel

Shield of Steel


JCB Pro-Smart

“My screen is a shield of steel; your bullets cannot harm me!” No, this isn’t the Batfink phone, it’s the new Toughphone from Data Select and JCB, and it is called the Pro-Smart, because as well as being strong, it is rather clever too.

Developed as a collaboration between the two companies, this is an unbreakable device (test it, I dare you!) that has a spec unseen on most devices available for those that are prone to breaking things.

The JCB Pro-Smart, although not made strong by exposure to Plutonium like our Batfink, is pretty tough, plus it features Android 2.3 with full app capability including 3G for fast downloads, Bluetooth, a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen, an 800MHz processor, and Micro SD expandable to 32GB.

This device also has a front facing camera as well as a five megapixel rear facing camera, so video conferencing is a must. And we mustn’t forget the ever-useful torch.

Packing an extra punch with waterproof, dustproof and IP67 certifications, for anyone with an action-packed lifestyle, this device has what you need. It’s the

Swiss Army Knife of mobiles. Oh, and you can make calls on it. “The hotline. Batfink here!”

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