Shocking Sony

Police in Nottingham were shocked to discover a seized SE W700 mobile phone was actually a disguised stun-gun with the ability to deliver 900,000 volts!
The phone/stun-gun was taken from two young men in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. According to local reports the weapon looked exactly like a Sony Ericsson W700 but with two small protruding prongs which when pressed against a person could deliver 900,000 volts.

Detective Sargeant Dave Bola, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "It’s a shock that we found it. We investigate offences thoroughly and work very hard at getting these items off the streets."

A police spokesman said: "It could render someone unconscious and may even be powerful enough to kill an older person. Forensic tests have been carried out on the weapon and we are making inquiries as to where it originated from."

Americans have been able to buy a mobile phone stun-gun for some time, for only $50, however the exterior is less than convincing. It could be that one of these units was imported and rejigged into the Sony case.

The American ‘StunMaster’ is "disguised as an ordinary cell phone will give you the element of surprise when defending yourself from an attacker. It does not function as a cell phone but that’s ok- you won’t need to call for help! With this powerful 800,000 volt stun gun, you will be able to defend yourself with confidence."

Watt will they think of next?

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