Jonathan Robinson, NetNames: get registered
Big brands and mobile website operators should act now if they want to secure a .mobi name. Registration for the mobile internet’s very own internet domain opened on 22 May 2006.

The idea behind the new .mobi domain is that it will direct users to sites and services which are optimised for a mobile device. It will not only offer new opportunities to all players in the mobile industry including operators, content providers and handset manufacturers but more importantly, to any website operator with a requirement or desire to host mobile optimised content.

“The .mobi domain is good news for consumers and mobile surfing,” says Jonathan Robinson, chief operating officer of NetNames, one of the first accredited registrars for .mobi. “Companies need to act quickly to ensure they protect their brands and existing online presence from potential threats. The new .mobi domain will help make mobile internet addresses easier to market and remember and increase the volume of consumers surfing the web on the move.
“Given the importance of this new domain name, we would urge companies to make applications as early as possible.”
A limited sunrise period for all existing trademark holders runs from 12 June to 22 August. The .mobi domain name will then open to the general public on 28 August. More information at, but organisations wishing to register during the sunrise period must be able to submit supporting evidence of their trademark and hence their prior right to the domain name.
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