Simple hands-free for MP3- playing vehicles

The i-Carmunicator is an adapter that lets a mobile phone play calls through a car’s speakers. It comes with an inline mike too, so you get a hands-free solution which complies fully with UK legal requirements but has excellent sound quality at a lower cost than some other hands-free alternatives (end user price £12.50). 

Carmunicate’s original Carmunicator used the cassette tape player in vehicles to reproduce the telephone conversation through the vehicle speakers. The new product works with MP3 player systems, or any audio setup with the universal 3.5mm jack socket.

The i-Carmunicator can be moved easily between vehicles. It can be used to turn almost any PC (laptop or desktop) into a speaker phone by plugging it into the microphone socket of the PC. This enables conference calling or simply to allow the user to have both hands free for other activities.

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