SIMS makes messaging easy

SIMS Intelligent Messaging Service spells the end of expensive marketing campaigns. If you need to reach out to anyone with a mobile phone for sales or customer service, then SIMS, an innovative new service by Digillusions, provides the ideal solution.
SIMS is an easy to use application, enabling businesses to send out single messages, mount large and complex campaigns or even connect into their existing database to send out messages to your customers as reminders.

Every year it gets harder to attract new customers and also to retain existing customers. You have to be innovative and different with your marketing messages. The medium that 80% of all mobile users respond to is text messages, so targeting new business with a carefully thought out sales pitch could be the new way to generate sales.

Digillusions, the software arm of UTel Communications Ltd, a Luton based company, has added many useful features to make life easier, such as a messaging wizard, an intelligent scheduler, a powerful campaign manager and a unique feature called Textify, which can reword a message into "text speak", as its not always possible to say it in 160 characters.

Bahul Neel Upadhyaya,Technical Director at UTel Communications said “The great thing about what we’re doing with SIMS is that the development cycle is in the hands of the users, of course we’ve added all the features we think our customers will need but rely on our user base to tell us how they think SIMS should evolve. This gives us ability to continue to make our software the best it can be.”

Its all about added value, so both dealers and distributors need to seriously think about SMS and using the right company to offer the best service. That’s where SIMS Intelligent Messaging Service comes in. If you are in distribution and want to increase your connections this year and attract better quality dealers to you, then you will need a good SMS package. SIMS from UTel does all the hard work for you but leaves the control in your hands.

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