SMS Gets Personal

Telecom Serbia has announced they’ll be using Comverse SMS Personal and SMS Routers to add SMS personalisation capabilities, giving SMS near email functionality.

New SMS Personal services personalise SMS usage in several ways. Personal Signature lets users create a signature and other text that appears automatically on outgoing SMS messages. Using SMS Auto Reply, users set up “out-of-office” messages that respond immediately and automatically to text messages that arrive when the user is too busy to answer. Users gain the ability to forward SMS messages to friends and to automatically send copies of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages to a designated email account to be stored and treated as email messages.

In addition, for both business and personal use, SMS Virtual Private Network makes possible the creation of special SMS user groups of any size with special short dialing numbers and Call Line Identification (CLI) recognition for nicknames. Comverse SMS Router supports all of these new services and extends them beyond the home network to include inter-carrier texting and roaming.

“The new SMS Personal services expand SMS functionality, bringing SMS closer in line with user needs and with preferences for self-expression,” said Zoran Stanisic, Director for Network Department at Telecom Serbia. “Our users want to be able to do more with SMS, and the ongoing immense popularity of SMS gives these new services a strong business case.”

"SMS Router is a key enabler of a fully flexible, modular SMS Next-Generation Open Environment whose benefits include better SMS network optimization, cost reduction, and innovative service options like SMS Personal," said Gadi Bahat, President of Comverse EMEA. "Demonstrating responsiveness to user needs, these services may provide Telecom Serbia with a competitive edge that can translate into increased customer satisfaction, greater revenues and lower churn."

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