Sony E Sells NetServices to Real

Sony E have sold their NetServices to RealNetworks meaning a multi-year global partnership between Real and Voda to support Vodafone’s music services across Europe.
The agreement will make RealNetworks’ mobile music services, including Internet radio-style streaming music and the ability to purchase and download full songs, available to Vodafone customers in Europe.

"Sony NetServices has created a world-class platform for delivering mobile entertainment solutions to leading mobile operators throughout Europe," said John Giamatteo, President of Technology Products and Solutions and International Operations, RealNetworks. "We believe the addition of Sony NetServices’ technology and platform to our earlier acquisition of WiderThan places RealNetworks at the center of the emerging mobile entertainment space, and extends our geographic ability to serve mobile operators around the world."

"Vodafone is excited to be partnering with RealNetworks, helping our customers enjoy their favourite music, from anywhere and at anytime," said Dirk Wierzbitzki, Global Director of Consumer Product Marketing, Vodafone. "Real offers Vodafone a unique combination of industry-leading technology and the ability to deliver compelling entertainment services that enhance our customers’ mobile experience. We look forward to working with them."

The Vodafone partnership provides Real with a foundation to deliver its full portfolio of digital entertainment services to Vodafone customers. In working with Vodafone, Real will leverage the technology and expertise it has gained in operating music services around the world. This includes the platform gained through today’s acquisition of Sony NetServices, whose technology center and infrastructure in Salzburg, Austria, will continue to support delivery of music services to Vodafone customers, as well as the capabilities gained from its acquisition of WiderThan, a global leader in providing digital music services that can be delivered to, and synchronized across, customers’ mobile device and their PC.

With the addition of Vodafone as a customer, RealNetworks now has 12 music on demand customers with more than 196 million mobile subscribers in 11 countries. Real’s Technology and Product Solutions division provides services on an ASP basis to more than 75 communications carriers in 37 countries worldwide.

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