Sony Ericsson Flagship?

The W980 is among those gadgets with enough class and guts to hope for a long run in the spotlight. A Walkman-series phone, armed with 8GB of internal memory…

3 megapixel camera and a built-in accelerometer simply cannot go unnoticed. Now, add the exotic FM transmitter feature and the light effects and you can feel the tingle of excitement of having a real star in your hands.

You can bet that we are already working on a full-blown review of the sleek clamshell but before it’s ready to serve, here is a quick taster of our first impressions. It should give you the first idea of what the Sony Ericsson W980 is good for.

For starters, check out some photos of the newest addition to the Walkman family. It looks all set to become the flagship of the Sony Ericsson music feature-phone portfolio and has some pretty high expectations to match. The question is whether Sony Ericsson W980 is capable of going that extra step towards stardom.

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