Sony’s new NV-U72T and NV-U52 satnavs

Sony’s new NV-U72T and NV-U52 satnavs are expected to be available throughout Europe in June. They look pretty mainstream – the U72T comes with 2GB flash memory that includes maps of 21 Western European countries plus TMC at extra cost, the U52 is preloaded with individual country maps in 512MB memory, both are button-free devices with a 3.5in touchscreen.
But both have one genuinely novel feature – a new type of “all-in-one” windshield mount and suction cup that folds neatly into the body of the unit for transportation or storage. Easy to use, and nothing on show to attract thieves.

Also interesting is a “gesture command” feature. We’re less convinced by this, but in theory it lets you sketch a simple line or shape on the screen with a fingertip; the satnav will then guide you “safely and surely” to preset destinations like ‘home’, ‘parking’ or ‘petrol’.

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