Wendy Reed

We have seen a steady market growth since Q1 2007 which is still showing a strong incline with workforces continuing to expand as we break into the third quarter of the year… There is definitely a buzz back in the market-place… BUT … With a shortage of candidates in the market with in-demand skills in the technology sectors employers are having to turn to new avenues to find and retain the staff they need to continue their growth plans for the year.

As the IT & Telecoms sectors draw ever closer the demand for experienced and educated staff with the right mix of these skills grows. The progress of technology and the ever changing job requirements within companies pushes employers’ requirements over and above industry standards, with high expectations for multi-skilled individuals to take on ‘dual-roles’, wish lists seem to be growing longer and more complex.

State-of-the-art Video, Voice, Data, Mobile and IT skills are all precious commodities for employers sourcing high calibre ‘hit the ground running’ staff. In addition to sourcing technical skills wish lists are also incorporating linguistic skills; these are in high demand to help companies develop the multi-national connections between inter connecting teams, offices and clients globally. With the increasing business focus on sales, marketing and customer service the demand for proven candidates across all technology platforms continues to rise.

Recruiters today need to overcome a market that is candidate driven with a skills gap growing across industries. Requirements for skills within technical, business development and executive roles necessitates out-of-the-box

recruitment. Finding a good recruiter who understands your needs and can focus on troubleshooting your staffing problems, who can advise on best-wayforward and ultimately deliver results can be the difference between struggling to recruit the ‘best available’ or attracting and securing a potential champion for your business.


Key Recruitment Issues

1. Number of permanent job opportunities on offer is at highest level for five years.

2. Sourcing of experienced candidates.

3. Lack of ‘new blood’ into the IT and Telecoms markets – Students need to be encouraged to pursue     technology-based qualifications.

4. Outsourcing is keeping growth of UK salaries at a low level.

5. Salary Demands from the top 15% professionals on the rise – highest bidder wins!

In a competitive     market- place attracting and retaining staff can be difficult but we will offer you some advice on how best to achieve these goals in the next few issues.

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