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Collaboration is big business right now but selecting the right tools for your mobile devices can be a daunting prospect. There are so many choices out there and services differ in their functionality and reliability. Mobilebusiness is here to guide you through the collaborative app landscape so you can be at your most productive, even when out of the office. 

Editors pick

Fuze Box

Fuze offers a meeting and video conferencing solution which is compatible with any mobile device. The technology allows the user to host or attend meetings on-the-go. All Fuze content is stored in the cloud and HD quality on any device. Other features include:

FuzeBox’s crystal clear connectivity conveniently links numerous meeting participants and attendees at the speed of light. Connect up to 12 users at a time without sacrificing quality.

Conveniently share your computer’s desktop or just specific applications. You can collaborate over documents, provide remote technical assistance, or demonstrate your software products remotely.

PCs to Macs, Macs to PCs, desktops to tablets, tablets to iPhones and iPhones to Androids. FuzeBox technology makes it simple to collaborate in HD, pixel perfect quality on any device, at anytime, from anywhere.

Annotate over any and all cloud-based content. Markup or add notes to pictures, PDF’s, and PowerPoint presentations. Unique to FuzeBox, the iPoint controller acts as a laser pointer that lets you callout or highlight any specific content on your screen. Annotations can be reviewed later through the published meeting media or through the Meeting Recording feature.

With the Fuze plugin for Microsoft Lync, you can initiate meetings and invite colleagues on the fly. Never miss a meeting and be in two places at once. With the Fuze plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can easily set up Fuze Meetings directly or define a host delegate to schedule meetings on your behalf.

Managed by the meeting host or by other attendees, the Chat feature allows you to make comments and notes privately (or publicly) during a meeting. Chat gives you the ability to alert other presenters and attendees quietly and subtly and is completely unobtrusive within FuzeBox’s sleek user interface.

Fuze Mobile for iPhones is also compatible with Telepresence systems, allowing you and other Attendees to join large-scale video conference meetings on large monitors in Telepresence suites. Mobile Fuze Meetings mean that you as an Attendee, can view any content shared including; screen shares, videos, images or important business documents. Fuze is available with a monthly subscription but caters for the small business right the way through to enterprise level service, which is essential if your business is rapidly growing. Interestingly this tool is proving popular in the enterprise space and in Q1 2013 Fuze gained fifty thousand new subscribers to its enterprise service! The good news is that if you are a small business you can try the basic package out for free!

Available on all platforms

The Contenders 

Yammer Yammer is like a private version of Twitter— a private social network for your business so that you can keep your entire team up to date. Paid accounts offer additional features, but basic messaging services are free, and only team members with verified corporate email addresses can join your Yammer network. Share and discuss documents, images, videos and presentations with your co-workers. Upload new versions of files to ensure everyone sees the latest draft, but can still access the older ones. Access Yammer from any computer with an internet connection. Because your company’s network is stored in the cloud, you have instant access to all of your coworkers, conversations, shared files, and notifications. Available on all platforms.

Cisco WebEx Thanks to the iPad’s front-facing camera, you can collaborate with desktop-based colleagues via video conference thanks to WebEx. The app features voice recognition that automatically switches the spotlight to the current speaker. You can even host meetings from your iPad, including scheduling, inviting participants, and passing presenter capabilities to another attendee. The major positives regarding WebEx is it is free, up to a point. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a faff to use and is not ideal if you just want to quickly run something past a colleague. Available on all iOS, Android and Blackerry

Skype If you haven’t heard of Skype by now you must have been living under a rock somewhere. Now under the Microsoft brand Skype is a solid choice for those basic users. Initiate free calls to other Skype users or make paid calls to landlines. With video conferencing instant message and telephone capabilities all under one roof the Skype app on your iPad is a great communication tool that works over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Available on all platforms

Google Drive If you’re heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem, Google Drive is a fantastic way to view, edit, and sync your online documents to your iPad. Google Docs handles word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as photos and more. Simple uploading and downloading to your device makes Google Drive easier to use than iTunes’ native file syncing, with the advantage of online access. Available on Android and iOS

Podio Podio combines project management tools, internal communications, a CMS system, and many other essential business tools into a single online platform. Podio’s App Market contains add-ons to handle everything from marketing to HR tasks, and you can take the whole thing with you via Podio’s iPad app. Available on Android and iOS




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