T-Mobile Recycle

According to T-mobile there are over £1bn of unused mobile phones sitting under our sofas, and they’re now offering to take them off our hands for up to £80 a pop.
The research estimates that, with each of us having at least one or two spare phones lying about, there are approximately 52.3 million mobile phones gathering dust in drawers and cupboards, with each redundant handset worth an average of £22.40.

T-mobile have now launched a recycling scheme with Fonebak, and include a freepost bag in with every new phone. The old mobile phone will then be tested by Fonebak to check that it works and meets the terms and conditions.

Assuming it does, Fonebak will send a cheque either to you or your chosen charity, within 21 days. The value of the cheque will be based on the model and condition of the phone.

T-mobile say aside from getting some extra cash for your piggy bank or your favourite charity, you can rest easier knowing you haven’t contributed to the estimated 1,500 tonnes of annual landfill from discarded mobiles – and someone in a developing country may be able to make use of your phone.

"The great thing about this scheme is that you don’t have to give anything up to do something good. Anyone can put their old phone in our freepost bag and reduce waste and make money, either for charity or themselves, as part of the process," said Jim Hyde, CEO of T-Mobile UK

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