Taking Advantage of a Unique Opportunity

John McFarnon, Simon Earle, Graham Jelfs, a Polish Billionaire and a concept of superior service married with a hip brand; it’s not a distributor though…
Tuesday saw the launch of Extreme Mob, Advantage Business Solutions and Advantage Cellular.

The great and the good, as well as the bad and the ugly, came out in force to see what the fuss was about, John Barton (LG – Sales & Marketing Director), Roger Fletcher (T-Mobile – Head of Indirect), Ian Gillespie (Fone Logistics – MD) and George McPherson (Data Select – MD) were all spotted at the event, with some wondering why they were invited.

All became clear shortly after when Simon Earle took to the podium, explaining how together with Roman Karkosik, a Forbes listed Billionaire, they were launching a new MVNO, Extreme Mob, in 26 European countries. Some clapped, others wondered why they were there and some network operator’s ears pricked up with ‘virtual’ being the ‘V’ in MVNO.

For the networks that knew nothing of the Extreme Mob offering and wondered what they were doing there, the answers came thick and fast in a video from John McFarnon presenting Advantage Business Solutions which he announced will provide networks with high ARPU consumers and customers superior quality support.

Last but not least the dealers left scratching their heads were pleasantly surprised with the third launch of the morning, Advantage Cellular; McFarnon seems not to enjoy things by half and so his third offering will provide fulfilment, provisioning, handsets and applications to dealers, retailers and distance sellers as well as putting product back into the MVNO and Advantage Business Solutions, thus the dots were connected.

After a very focused push on offering second to none service levels, a training academy, excellent internal systems, reseller portal and large warehousing McFarnon told the assembled audience the group was not a distributor, but set their sights high above distribution and logistics.

This must have put those with ‘logistics’ in their company names at ease.

With the addition of mLife, the mobile content/advertising portion of the business, and Karkosik’s progress in creating the 5th national mobile network for Poland (no virtual there), today’s 3 for the price of one launch creates a group of companies which seemingly cover all points of the mobile compass with a roll out across Europe assured if the model works in the UK.

In closing, John McFarnon, Group Managing Director said “This business will function more effectively than our competition. It’s a start up with a new set of rules, procedures and a strong spirit all embedded in the philosophy of total professionalism with the emphasis on giving our customers a true advantage. Everyone that works here has been hand picked, so they offer and feel valued. In turn, they pass on that feeling of belonging to our customers. They have a colossal amount of work to do but they are not daunted by this and relish the challenge. I am personally looking forward to renewing old relationships both in the workplace and by welcoming new customers to what I consider to be the most exciting venture in the mobile industry to date.”

For those of you who believe this is a truly unique offering, you may be pleasantly surprised when you speak to your account manager at Advantage…

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