tanny goes TO THE top at avenir

Avenir Telecom managing director Ishai Novick has left the business to pursue new business interests. Avenir sales and marketing director Tanny Price replaces Novick as managing director.
A restructure of the management team will see key decisions made by an operational management board comprising of head of sales Anthony Serlin, head of services Toby Wickendon, head of marketing Andy Chilton, logistics manager Mark Harris, and IT Manager Shola Fasina.

A new head of finance, as yet unnamed, has also been appointed from within the industry, and will join the operational board.

“There is huge potential for Avenir Telecom to grow and develop,” said Price. “Our company stands out in the marketplace as one of the few truly independent, financially stable UK distributors. My mandate is to make whole scale changes to our systems and operational processes to increase the efficiency of our business.

“I want Avenir Telecom to be the first choice distributor for independent dealers in the UK.”

Novick worked at Avenir for over six years and was managing director at the company for three years. He is understood to be pursuing new business opportunities within the mobile industry.

“I have been especially proud to have lead Avenir Telecom during a period of immense change, challenge and success,” said Novick.

Coincidentally, the distributor’s French parent company has just reported its nine-month results, with a 51% increase in pretax profit and group sales up 21% to € 186m. The UK arm contributed a 7% growth in sales.

Ishai Novick: pursuing new business interests
 Tanny Price: “Huge potential for Avenir Telecom”
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