TDtv Success

IPwireless is looking to license the TV over 3G technology following the results of their successful joint technical trial of TDtv with 3, Orange and Vodafone.

TDtv is the UMTS TD-CDMA-3GPP Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services (MBMS) standard for mobile television solutions.

The trial provided valuable insights into the technology’s capability and successfully demonstrated how existing spectrum can be used to deliver mobile television and other multimedia services.

The pilot proved that the technology has the ability to offer reliable television delivery at the data rates that are needed to provide high quality mobile TV services. It also showed that eleven high quality channels could be delivered across the service area, with the potential to deliver up to fourteen channels with planned future technology developments.

TDtv also proved its ability to perform at motorway speeds during the trial, allowing it to address a wide range of use cases such as when travelling on a train, as well as proving very reliable with 99.999% availability during the whole trial.

Professor Michael Walker, Director of Research and Development at Vodafone said: "Trials are an extremely important part of our strategic product development and help us build a comprehensive understanding of how the technologies work and the customer experience they will offer. The outcome of this trial will help us evaluate the commercial potential of TDtv as part of the MBMS assessments we are undertaking."

"The TDtv trial in Bristol has proven the ability to effectively use our unused TDD spectrum for a wide variety of Mobile Broadcast Services and the potential of a SFN deployment to support impressive coverage gains," said Cayetano Lluch Mesquida, Managing Director, Technology and Services, Telefónica Móviles España. " Nevertheless, we would like to see the next steps taken to ensure a wide variety of terminals and interoperable services are available for the platform."

David Cooper, 3UK CTO said: "The results of this first trial demonstrate TDtv has the potential to deliver a mass market Mobile TV solution. As the first network to launch a 3G services in Europe, we’re always looking at ways to develop the service we offer customers."

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