Telcos “fail to capitalise on Mobile Web 2.0”

Telecoms companies are failing to make the most of the growing popularity of the online information-sharing services of Web 2.0, according to Arthur D. Little. The consultants home in particularly on mobile access: Richard Swinford of Arthur D. Little’s Telecoms team said: “Younger Europeans are already showing their readiness to interact on the move, with 38% of them accessing email from mobile devices.

”Telecommunications businesses now need to offer access to the established web 2.0 services, for both communication and for the fulfilment of their wider social needs whilst on the move.”

The challenge for the Telcos is to support these needs in the mobile environment while overcoming previous barriers such as sharing across companies and territories and high mobile data prices, walled gardens around content and exclusive proprietary formats.

Telecom companies’ unreadiness to satisfy this new demand comes at the expense of future revenues and will urgently need to be addressed, says the report.

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