Tesco Value Mobile

From today Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket, will be selling the new Tovo, another offering in the VoIP/mobile market, from Mobiboo, hoping to save consumers an average of 30% on their mobile charges and up to 50% on fixed line charges.

The new Mobiboo offerings are the tovo t450g PocketFone and the tovo t1000 HomeFone Plus. Both tovo phones combine "the freedom of a mobile with the quality of a landline", doing everything mobile, Internet and home phones do; but much cheaper and with the added bonus of free calls. Using tovo, an average-use customer can save £168 per year on their mobile and fixed line usage; and an above-average user (twice the number of average calls) can save £360 per year.

Different from normal VoIP solutions, this one doesn’t need a box in the corner. Anyone with access to WiFi at home, at work or a WiFi hot spot can use a tovo phone to call any other phone anywhere in the world at low rates. All calls between tovo and Mobiboo customers are free; there are no roaming charges when abroad; and incoming calls are received for free from any phone worldwide.

“Most people are familiar with the Internet phone,” adds Heath, “but they are cumbersome to use, need to have the PC turned on, and can only be used in one location. Mobiboo’s tovo service offers all the convenience and mobility of a mobile, but with the quality of a landline and the low price of VoIP. It’s great news for Tesco customers who once again can benefit from Tesco’s low prices.” says Martin Heath, CEO of Mobiboo Mobile.

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